Difference between Cold Brew Tea Bags and Regular!

Difference Between Cold Brew Tea Bags and Regular

Last Updated on July 23, 2022

Difference Between Cold Brew Tea Bags and Regular!

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You can’t argue with the popularity of freshly brewed hot beverages such as tea and coffee over the cold brewing methods. The love that the hot brewed beverage gets is immeasurable compared to the cold-brewed drink. This might be because cold brew just made its existence felt not too long ago.

However, if you research more profoundly, you might find out that cold brewing techniques have been there from ancient times.

Fast forward to 2022; now we have several unique and creative ways to brew a cup of tea? There is the classic method where we brew the tea leaves in hot water as well as an effortless method where we just use a tea bag and put it inside the cup, and Voila!

Although cold brew tea has really lit a fire in the market, almost identical to the cold brew coffee-making process. The tea bag versions aren’t that different either.

This article will point out some glaring difference between cold brew tea bags and regular tea bags, from making to finishing touches

Regular Tea Bags


We are all accustomed to the regular general store tea bags lying down on our kitchen shelves. But, you can’t deny the fact that at least once in your life, you tried a cup of tea from the tiny bag.

The teabags we see in the store or supermarket contain a specific amount of tea leaves or grinded tea leaves which are tightly packaged. These tea bags are light and straightforward to store in your pocket or purse.

Each packet of tea bags leaves should be brewed in 8 oz of water while following the guidelines of the packages as each company has its own brewing criteria.

While getting ready to dunk the tea leaves in the cup, first confirm that the water is at a correct heated temperature. The amount of tea contained in the tea bag entirely depends on the packet which we purchased earlier.

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Cold Brew Tea Bags

Like regular tea bags, you can easily find a cold brew tea bag in any general shop or supermarket. However, the hype for a cold brew tea bag isn’t as much as a regular tea bag, as the product just hit the market relatively recently.

People generally get confused over the fact that the cold brew tea bags and regular tea bags are identical in taste.

If you are among them, then the answer is “No.”

A cold brew tea bag has a limited amount of tea leaves in a packet in a tight air state. It has just the appropriate amount of robust flavor if extracted accurately, not overriding the full flavor of the tea.

Cold Brew Tea Bags Vs Regular Tea Bags or the Difference Between Cold Brew Tea Bags and Regular tea Bags

Difference Between Cold Brew Tea Bags and Regular

Cold brewing is a specific brewing method that provides a lighter extraction of the tea particles and flavor. This results in a superb cup of sweeter beverage enriched in antioxidants. In addition, it consists of a significant amount of lower amounts of caffeine content and tannins.

The only disappointing factor of this method is the prolonged time it takes for the extraction process. However, this method has a major plus point: you can store large batches of tea in the fridge for several days.

Furthermore, we all are accustomed to the brewing process where the water is at near-boiling temperatures. The drawback of this technique is that the liquor of the tea is being extracted quickly but roughly. As a result, the leaves will simply release all their flavor within mere minutes, resulting in a bolder and bitter taste and a rusty aroma. Moreover, the final and ultimate drink will be intense with a generous amount of caffeine and acidity.

However, if you fancy a lighter, subtle, and sweeter fragmented aroma, the cold brew tea will become your new first choice drink without a shadow of a doubt.

Basically, if you want to taste sweetness in the first sip of cold brew, tea is the way to go.

Traditional Method of Brewing Hot Tea

Tea is generally made by blending selected tea leaves or ground tea leaves with warm water until they release color. However, most people fancy a prepackaged tea bag as it reduces the time for preparation and serves a tasty, aromatic cup of tea.

You have to adjust your water temperature depending on the kind of tea leaves that are being used.

You should be cautious not to burn your tea leaves as the flavor can become extremely bitter and taste like charcoal as an effect.

How to Cold Brew Tea/ Cold Brewing Tea

The process of producing cold brew tea is simple yet long. It takes about an average of 15 hours to make a cold brew tea—the first step of this process is to mix the tea leaves with cold water properly. In the second step, after blending tea with cold water, you have to keep the water cold consistently until the tea is finished brewing. It’s better to keep in mind that the longer we brew the tea, the more we allow the extraction process.

Can You Use Regular Tea Bags for Cold Brew

Yes, it is possible, and you should give it a go.

You can purchase numerous kinds of pre-packed bags, which contain a specific amount of tea leaves. You can get all kinds of knowledge about the recommended amount of water, tea, and brewing time on the package. However, this particular method directs to the hot brewing method, so you might require to test a bit until you find your preferred flavor.

Furthermore, you can custom make tea bags as you like at home with your favorite flavored tea. So you will have the privilege to choose your own tea quantity and strength and in bonus even save some money.

Steeping Time for the Tea

The only issue of cold brew, as we stated repeatedly, is that the steeping time is generally long. You require a minimum of 15 hours to steep your tea in cold water.

This can be a buzzkill for numerous people, as one must plan and prepare your tea in advance.

However, if you use prepackaged cold brew tea bags, you only must wait a few minutes for your drinks to be prepared.

Best Teas For Cold Brew

You can find numerous different types of teas in the store or the market. Indicating there is a world of flavor for one to experience for cold brewing.

However, there are few tricks that one can use in testing the best high-quality ingredients.

Suppose, for black, green, and herbal tea, it’s best to use the traditional brewing method of boiling the water. Now, if we want them in the cold brew method, for example- the green tea, then it will take a steep amount of time, close to 12-13 hours, which will test your patience. However, in the case of white tea, the time gets significantly shorter, which comes close to 6 to 8 hours. So, as refreshing and nutritious as a cup of cold brew tea might be, be prepared to wait a long period of time. Despite that, it’s vital to keep in mind that the longer the steeping time, the bolder and enriched the sweetness of the tea gets.

Nevertheless, if you can’t abide by that long, grab a cold brew tea bag and make a tasty cup of tea in minutes.

How Many Tea Bags Do You Require to Use for Cold Brew?

The number of tea bags required for a cold brew is wholly dependent on the number of people you are preparing for or the type of container you are using.

A platinum rule for brewing a tea bag, in particular, is to use one tea bag for every eight ounces of water. Therefore, you require about 7-8 tea bags to make a whole container of tasty, aromatic tea. Plus, if you are a strong tea lover, definitely go for more than 7-8 tea bags, making the tea bolder.

The Extraction Process

Whenever you are preparing yourself a cup of refreshing tea or coffee, behind the scenes, what actually is happening is that a chemical extraction is taking place where small molecules are filtered out of a solid substance.

In addition, in the case of tea, our sole objective is to have a balanced extraction of antioxidants, caffeine, and tannins.

We have to be extremely careful while we boil the water as if it is too hot, it can burn through the flavor of tea leaves, and the end result would be a super bitter cup of tea which we do not want.

In contrast, if the water is too cold and doesn’t have the appropriate time for the extraction process, much to no one’s surprise, the tea will end up tasting exactly like water. No flavor or aroma whatsoever. This happens primarily due to the less amount of time in extraction for which no heavy element of flavors came through.

So, now you have discovered the fundamental differences between cold brew tea bags and hot brew tea bags. I tried my best to help you in making the perfect cup of tea, but if you are a tea lover, you are already familiar with all of these facts.

We’ve discussed what you should keep in mind when brewing various varieties of tea.


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