How to Make Pour Over Coffee Without a Scale

How to Make Pour Over Coffee Without a Scale

“A classic pour-over coffee or drip coffee is a delicious elixir directly poured into a filter and dropped in a mug.”

Throughout a coffee lover’s life, the possibility of you trying every method available to make a delicious and mouthwatering cup of coffee might already be achieved by you. Well, what about How to Make Pour Over Coffee Without a Scale?

The chances are you have already mastered this technique and drunk hundreds of cups of coffee utilizing this method. Now, suppose if you are one of those who hasn’t made a pour-over coffee without a scale, then should you be concerned?

Definitely not! As this article is precisely for you!

It takes about six regular tablespoon scoops equal to coffee beans (whole) for one cup of coffee. This will make one cup of pour-over coffee while heating water. A regular cup is around 8 -12 ounces. You want additional water for pre-soaking and washing of your pour-over filter. Blooming the coffee for better extractions is still used even without a scale. Let the coffee bloom for approximately 45 seconds, then pour the remainder of the warm water gently, about 4 mins to complete the entire brew.

Do not get worried as it isn’t as tricky as it sounds as slight adjustments and unique creativity here and there, and you can achieve your goal in making a pour-over cup of coffee without a scale quite effortlessly. At the end of the day, drinking coffee should be a delightful experience, and making it doesn’t need to be concealed.

We will go step by step in presenting you the most effective, facile, and time-saving ways you can produce a pour-over coffee without using a scale. In the pursuit of that, first, we will know what a pour-over coffee is?

What Is a Pour-over Coffee?

As the name implies, a pour coffee is a method where we pour over warm water through coffee grounds in a filter. The water sucks off through the coffee and filters into a mug or cup.

The pour-over coffee is also known to the masses as filter coffee or drip coffee; however, these terms also involve batch brewers.

The central attraction of this uniquely innovative brewing technique is that it is made by hand, pouring hot water over the coffee. Thus, the name hand brewing or manual brewing came to be.

How to Make Pour Over Coffee Without a Scale

How to Make Pour Over Coffee Without a Scale

It is better to remember that using a scale is always a wise choice while preparing for a pour-over coffee. However, even if you don’t have one close to you, you don’t need to fret as it’s possible to prepare a delicious cup of joe without a scale. Furthermore, many expert baristas don’t need a scale at all in the pour-over method as they gain experience; they have mastered the ability to perform the ritual effortlessly and masterfully.

The required elements needed to make a cup of pour-over coffee without a scale is:

The Quality of Coffee

It is essential to evaluate the quality of the beans as the supreme finely grounded bean can bring the highest consistency of the coffee itself.

Picking a Great Grinder

The necessity of having a good grinder is essential as it extracts the aroma and taste from coffee beans, giving a chance for the brewing of delicious, high-quality coffee. You don’t need to worry if you don’t have a grinder, as you can also grind the beans without a grinder, even though that is not recommended.

An Excellent Coffee Maker

An excellent coffee maker can make the process faster and provide a delicious cup of enriched and bittersweet coffee.

Selecting Filters that Come With the Brewer

Selecting filters that come with the brewer is a wise move as it reduces the cost.

A Kettle to Pour the Warm Water from

As the name says, this is a pour-over method, but how will you accomplish that? Simple by using a kettle. Use the spectacular silver kettle to pour the hot water.

A Cup

After you complete every step, what is the critical element required to make a great coffee?

Easy Peasy!

  • A cup or mug.

Now let’s take a dive into the primary process of making a pour-over coffee without a scale.

So if you are one of those who like a darker version of coffee, don’t worry, as all you require to do is put more grinds in the filter.

Just like the same process, if you like a lighter version of coffee, just decrease the coffee grinds.

You can even chop and change the temperature to experiment with many different recipes. If you are a sweet coffee lover, then just add a bit of sugar to the coffee cup.

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