How to Stop Coffee from Making You Poop

How to Stop Coffee from Making You Poop

I’m just waiting to see if my coffee wishes to use its powers for good or evil today. FYI: Evil is poop.

Suppose you woke up early in the morning after a good sleep. Usually, the first thing you do is take those tiring steps and go to the kitchen and brew yourself a delicious coffee.

However, after drinking the coffee, you might find yourself in the restroom for no longer than 30 minutes having emergency bowel movements. Some might wonder if this is an everyday ordeal, but this isn’t good news for the stomach if it happens daily.

Of course, this doesn’t happen to everyone, but plenty fell victim to this ridiculous pooping regiment. So now, if you are an avid caffeine lover, you may think that “How to Stop Coffee from Making You Poop?” without quitting the lucrative caffeine consumption. But, to know that, first you have to grasp the fundamental question that is, “Why Does Coffee Make You Poop?”

The answer is, “The tending effect of stimulating or facilitating the evacuation of the bowels or Simply laxative effect.”

This occurs primarily due to the laxative effect coffee has on the body and many other factors.

It has been observed that 30% of the people in general and 50% women allegedly ask, “Why do I find myself cracking the toilet seat right after I drink a cup of joe?” If you are one of those unlucky souls, then this is exactly what will help you to stop this routine ritual.

Why Does Coffee Make You Poop?

The principal reason why coffee makes you poop is because of the chlorogenic acids found in coffee that speed up digestion and increase the production of stomach acid.

Now first thing first, if your morning cup of joe is making you rush to the restroom, then fret not as you are alone. Caffeine is included with caffeinated coffee, which is basically a laxative. Even though coffee is a laxative, it isn’t as strong as it can be found in any drugstore or pharmacy. The coffee you are drinking on that day, such as cappuccino, latte, red-eye, espresso, and so on, has the magic to make you poop at the speed of light.

The researchers discovered that ingesting caffeine led to more muscular anal sphincter contractions and an increased desire to defecate. Furthermore, one study found that 29% of participants were required to utilize the bathroom within twenty minutes of sipping a cup of coffee.

Even so, drinking coffee triggers peristalsis. Peristalsis is muscle contractions through the gut which aiding your body to shake things along. Depending on your personal digestive system, in the end, it decides how your body responds to caffeine. The laxative effect of caffeinated coffee is felt by some individuals, while some don’t even notice it.

Now leaving the caffeine even in coffee, chlorogenic acids are found. These acids are the main reason for the speed up process of digestion and boost the production of stomach acid.

Even though the laxative effect in the coffee is the prime cause for the poop acceleration, coffee can’t be solely blamed for the poop session we face in the morning. There are many additional ingredients that we use in the coffee that can also cause your restroom visits. As delicious as the taste increases thanks to the added ingredients, it has its share of issues, and they are dairy products(milk and cream), sweet increasers, and many more can all have a severe laxative effect on many people.

Ways to Stop Coffee from Making You Poop

There are multiple reasons for you pooping right after your freshly drunk coffee. Here are some unique techniques that can be utilized to stop this urge to visit the restroom and ensure you have a safer coffee outing.

Decaf Coffee

There have been several reports stating that even switching to decaf coffee won’t lower the visits in the toilet.

Well, yes, it is a sporadic case; however, it does possess the potential to maximize your visits to the toilet section. In this case, for decaf coffee, this majorly happens due to the presence of increased colon. Decaf coffee has significant colonic activity more than water and is just short of caffeinated coffee.

Milk and Cream

As we said before, there are many factors involving coffee that make us poop immediately. For some, there might be no effect at all after drinking the coffee, but the extra ingredients such as milk and sugar might be the prime culprit. At the end of the day, it depends on the consumer’s body condition. For example, if the consumer is lactose intolerant, then any dairy products, let alone milk and cream, can make them hit the toilets for weeks.

Furthermore, even if you don’t have lactose intolerance, there is no insurance that your body doesn’t repel milk and cream entirely and acts as a critical agent in your taxing bowel movements and bloating stomach. So, we advise you to try to avoid milk and cream for a week and observe the results if your bowel movements have reduced or not.

Picking the Wrong Time for Drinking Coffee

Well, there are an enormous amount of elements that can cause this unwanted sensation. However, timing is an essential factor in this case. For example, if you haven’t gone to the bathroom all day and you drink your cup of joe at that particular time, chances are in about 5 minutes, you will run to the toilet for a long bowel movement.


Generally, the most well-known criminal for causing us immediate bowel movement is coffee acidity. However, there is no tested proof that coffee acidity actually does make people poop. In some cases, it actually has an opposite effect on people, such as reduced bowel movement.

So, if you want to comprehend whether coffee acidity is the primary reason for your bathroom visits, it would be best to try other products with a high acidity effect on you.


The possibility of an avid coffee lover having a higher amount of hormone, which is called cholecystokinin.

Many particular types of research even stated that it is a hormone that stimulates bowel movements.

However, researchers can still not find the exact element that causes this boosted release of this hormone.

The Ramification of Coffee for IBS Symptom

A large chunk of people who are suffering from IBS Symptom said that particular products could make poop more than their usual routine. For example, even some of them get days of diarrhea after drinking the coffee.

In 2016, some researchers said drinking coffee regularly may accelerate this state and worsen the symptoms in a conference.

However, as usual, they didn’t find any specific element that can be traced back from the coffee to the root of this cause.

In addition, a group of bright researchers experimented together in 2015 and tested people with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The outcomes showed that more than 70% of the people who had the disease previously used to drink coffee on a daily basis and made their condition even worse. In contrast, 62% of the participants who didn’t fancy coffee were sure that coffee significantly harmed their condition.

Yet, even some of the individuals who believed that coffee did cause them such severe damage continued to drink coffee on a daily basis.

Drinking Coffee In an Empty Stomach

This is a risky habit to have because the aftereffect of this move can be intense on your stomach and even worse in your bowel movements. It has been observed that a significant number of people drink coffee on an empty stomach.

The reports have indicated that drinking black coffee on an empty stomach early in the morning massively impaired people’s blood sugar control.

Moreover, when someone has a coffee on an empty stomach, it immediately triggers a gastrocolic reflex in a flash, which points to the desire to relive the weight!

So, now you might ask, can iced coffee make you pop?

– The chances are incredibly high if you drink it on an empty stomach.

Hence, if you are drinking coffee on an empty stomach, it’s best to eat something heavy and stable with it, such as water, bread, cereal, fruits, etc., which will lessen your gastrocolic reflex a lot than usual.

Furthermore, several studies determined that you can have diarrhoea if you drink coffee with an empty stomach which happens thanks to individuals specific digestive issues. When you sip coffee on an empty stomach, the released stomach can destroy the stomach’s internal lining and signs of stomach unease like indigestion, heartburn, ulcer, and diarrhoea.

Shifting to Low Acid Coffees

We all know a significant percentage of acid elements are present in a standard cup of coffee. Making matters worse, this extra acid element can make you hit the toilet to poop at a rapid pace. Hence, it’s important to reduce that acid factor, and you can achieve that quickly by just switching to a different coffee type.

Therefore, if you are one of those acidic coffee drinkers, it’s time to shift to a low acidic variety of coffee grounds. Different tests have confirmed that coffee beans coming from Brazil and Mexico have a low acidic effect on the drinker’s coffee compared to the coffee beans exported from Indonesia, which has a higher acidic impact in general.

Tastewise it will lack the kick of an acidic coffee; however, it will definitely aid you in limited visits to the toilet to pop after drinking a cup of coffee.

Switching to Arabica Ground

Arabia coffee grounds are aromatic, tasty and rich in flavour in contrast to its counterpart Robusta. In addition, Arabia grounds have a significantly low amount of acidic level, making it the go-to coffee ground for coffee lovers who want to stop going to poop instantly after their coffee consumption.

Dark Roast

Darker roasts have slightly less caffeine content than the usual coffee beans. As we know, the high caffeine content is one of the key factors causing you to poop immediately.

Therefore, shifting to a darker roast is a safer option to minimize your instant poop syndrome.

Health Conditions

An individual’s health condition also has a factor in making you poop in a get-go. For example, if your body lacks some vitamins, quite a few elements of coffee can severely impact your health and make you hit the toilet in a jiffy.

Artificial Sweeteners

Many people prefer artificial sweeteners rather than using sugar. However, artificial sweetness has a considerable amount of issues, giving us a problem in our digestive system, which triggers our pooping sessions.

Some artificial sweeteners, like stevia, are acquired from natural sources. However, most of the naturally sourced sugar substitutes are absorbed quickly by the digestive tract. Rather than being consumed through the gut, they pass directly through. That’s the reason why they don’t boost blood sugar levels. Yet as they pass by the digestive system, they pull water in by a process described as osmosis. All of this additional water induces the colon to go into overdrive. Plus, not only can this make you poop, but it can trigger diarrhoea.

Is It Dangerous To Rely On Coffee For Bowel Movements?

Medically, it has been proven that it is okay to take a bowel movement after a nice relaxing cup of coffee in the morning.

However, if you are finding yourself regularly constipating in the toilet, you should seek the guidance of a specialist doctor. Numerous individuals suffered from intense constipation as a result of dehydration. In addition, as we know, caffeine in coffee tends to be a diuretic; the chances are the doctor will advise you to reduce your caffeine consumption and drink more water to keep your digestive system healthy.

So, the more you require caffeine to poop, the more you are going to face some minor to severe side-effects hinting that you have way too much caffeine than your body can handle.

Hope you find the way of How to Stop Coffee from Making You Poop.


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